Quality Policy

Quality determines our position in the market. Our quality control is strongly driven by the Quality of 4C: Care – Capability – Commitment – Collaboration:

Quality of Care: Understanding customers’ objectives is the first priority we focus on to help us provide the most suitable products and services. Our principle is giving special care to not only the quality and cost but also timely technical support to ensure that our customers’ systems can operate stably, efficiently and profitably.

Quality of Capability: By paying attention to improvement and innovation in commercial competence, technical practice, production planning and supply chain processes, we guarantee to deliver the best products and services on schedule, in compliance with international standards with enhanced satisfaction of stringent specifications required by customers.

Quality of Commitment: We guarantee to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities in all activities agreed with customers, manufacturers and partners. We will work closely together with the parties to get through the root of any concerns in any aspects. Once we commit, we have to expedite efficiently and satisfactorily.

Quality of Collaboration: We perceive that reliability will lead to long-term collaboration as well as partnership. In other words, quality of collaboration is quality of trust. We therefore endeavour to build trust in every commmunication, activity and transaction, thus ensuring our sustainable success as well as customers’ interest mutually.