FWE Policy

Human resources are the most fundamental asset combining all the different elements of our operations. Our human resources policies guarantee the effectiveness of our actions, the quality of workplace life and the high level of ethical standards. The well-being of our staff is considered as a criterion for both personal and corporate satisfaction.

Our management aims to build a working environment of FWE – Fairness, Well-being and Efficiency. With substantial motivation and recognition, our staff is encouraged to carry out their activities efficiently, develop their potential and facilitate better performance. Additionally, we care about the staff’s issues and support them in solving problems as well as enriching the outcome of their performance.

For the purpose of efficiency enhancement, development of skills and profession for staff is promoted through training programs throughout intergrated operations. Our principle is to boost our staff towards appropriate opportunities and rewards for innovation and development of personal skills as well as professional competences. Importantly, we equip our staff with experience in coping with changes and overcome challenges.

Fairness and well-being of our staff are specially focused under our health, safety and environment policy. It is our responsibility to assure the physical and emotional well-being of our staff throughout the project implementation. In addition, our responsibility with staff is always intergrated with our commitment with community and environment. By encouraging activities for charity and solutions for environmental protection, we hope that we have been contributing to a small part of a big society where help is needed, especiialy for poverty.