Conifer Singapore have our own strategy for market penetration, development and sustainability in combination with satisfying strictest requirements of customers. We place an emphasis on our product quality and technical support services, and take our advantages appropriately to leverage the market share. We provide our customers with the best Polypropylene and Polyethylene Catalysts that facilitate the production of highest quality products and hence the achievement of highest objectives as well as the satisfaction of highest expectations.


Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalysts for oil refineries is our significant target for petrochemical projects. We are connecting and working closely with both customers and manufacturers to add more value and profit to the oil refineries. Based on operational and technical details investigated directly from the customers’ oil refineries, our manufacturers will develop innovative catalyst technologies to customize and optimize the FCC catalyst satisfying customers’ objectives. 


Our manufacturers provide a variety of additives for petrochemicals in general and plastic applications in particular. Our products with cost-effective performance that presents our outstanding commitments have contributed significantly to the efficiency of the plants.


Our wide range of adsorbents are designed for drying and purification in refining, petrochemical and natural gas processes. Satisfying customers’ highest expectations worlwide, our adsorbents are optimized with superior applications and performance advantages.