Our mission is to become a reliable supplier and partner in petroleum industry. Generating alliance with leading crude oil and petroleum suppliers and logistics partners is one of our strategies to penetrate and consolidate into this market. By possessing a rich network of customers in oil and gas industry, we expect to gain high sales volumes particularly in Southeast Asia markets.

Petroleum products, especially crude oil, are our key business and long-term strategic activity. We assure to make all effort to deliver the best quality products that satisfy customer requirements. We flexibly deal with customer requirements on one hand, and strictly comply to national and global standards and regulations on the other. Due to the complexity of this industry, we are carefully studying and investigating its features as well as competition levels in order to be able to exercise the right policies and procedures for our success.



Conifer Singapore have our own strategy for market penetration, development and sustainability. We place an emphasis on our product quality and technical support services, and take our advantages appropriately to leverage the market share.

LYNX® Polypropylene (PP) Catalysts

LYNX catalysts provide polypropylene (PP) producers with maximum value through superior product properties and improved process operability. LYNX catalysts can be utilized in all major polypropylene process technologies, including slurry, bulk loop, stirred gas, fluid gas, and stirred bulk .

“LYNX 1010 Catalyst has the most stable and effective performance compared with other catalysts that we have used, especially stable operation with very high catalyst activity but very little fines”, said one of our customers.

LYNX® Polyethylene (PE) Catalysts

LYNX catalysts are utilized in slurry processes for the production of high-density polyethylene, typically the production of high-value resins, such as bimodal film and pipe.

Co-ordinating with professional experts from our manufacturers, we commit to work closely with customers in order to understand their objectives in catalysts. Our projects start by studying and investigating specific characteristics and functional details of customers’ plants to determine the right catalysts for their applications.

“Your experts visit our plant very regularly for technical support and experience sharing. They are very supportive in meeting and giving us advice timely as soon as we have any matter”, said one of our customers.


Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalysts for oil refineries is our significant target for petrochemical projects. We are connecting and working closely with both customers and manufacturers to add more value and profit to the oil refineries. Based on operational and technical details investigated directly from the customers’ oil refineries, our manufacturers will develop innovative catalyst technologies to customize and optimize the FCC catalyst satisfying customers’ objectives.

“We help refineries stay competitive in various ways, such as maximizing the yield of the most valuable products, selecting the optimal catalyst for the refinery crude slate, and continually advancing product innovation. Our highly specialized engineers support customers with application and operations expertise, start-up and optimization assistance, and industry benchmarking”, according to our manufacturer.

Maximum activity

High versatility

LCO maximisation

Propylene maximization

Gasoline sulfur reduction

High activity catalyst for low metal feed applications

High bottoms upgrading catalyst for low metal feed applications

High bottoms upgrading catalyst for resid feed applications

Low delta coke in high metals applications

Superior coke selectivity and bottoms cracking from a novel single particle

Ultimate formulation flexibility

Maximum bottoms conversion

Industry leading metals tolerance

Rare-earth free catalysts

Catalyst and additive injection systems

Optimisation for unconventional feeds


Our manufactures provide a variety of additives for petrochemicals in general and plastic applications in particular. Our products with cost-effective performance have contributed significantly to the efficiency of the plants.

Additives for Polypropylene and Polyethylene

Antioxidants for Plastic Applications

We provideWe supply a wide range of antioxidants for the use in organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibers and elastomers with long-term thermal and process stability in a wide variety of applications.

Excellent thermal and processing stability for plastics

Improved long-term heat stability

Enhanced performance in combination with co-stabilizers

Handling, safety and hygiene advantages

Antioxidants and Process Stabilizers for Plastic Applications

Our manufacturers offer a range of secondary antioxidants for use in organic substrates such as plastics, synthetic fibers and elastomers. It ensures thermal protection and long-term durability as well as the integrity of polymer properties during processing.

Excellent processing stability for plastics

Prevention of polymer discoloration due to degradation

Hydrolytically stable phosphite processing stabilizer

Synergistic performance when used with primary antioxidants