Our mission is to become a reliable supplier and partner in petroleum industry. Generating alliance with leading crude oil and petroleum suppliers and logistics partners is one of our strategies to penetrate and consolidate into this market. By possessing a rich network of customers in oil and gas industry, we expect to gain high sales volumes particularly in Southeast Asia markets.

Petroleum products, especially crude oil, are our key business and long-term strategic activity. We assure to make all effort to deliver the best quality products that satisfy customer requirements. We flexibly deal with customer requirements on one hand, and strictly comply to national and global standards and regulations on the other. Due to the complexity of this industry, we are carefully studying and investigating its features as well as competition levels in order to be able to exercise the right policies and procedures for our success.


1. Catalysts and additives for Polypropylene Plants
With significant technical support from our manufacturers, we commit to work closely with customers in order to understand their catalyst needs and thus to offer them the most appropriate solutions for their processes. Our projects start by studying and investigating specific characteristics and functional details of customers’ plants to determine the right catalyst alternatives for their applications. Our typical catalyst and additive products include Lynx 1010, Irganox 1010, Irgafos 168 and Kerobit TP 26P.
According to one of our first class manufacturers, “our catalysts have gained widespread market acceptance due to high production efficiency, high activity and the control of crystallinity and stiffness to desired levels”.

2. RFCC for Oil Refineries
Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalysts and Additives for oil refineries is our target for petrochemical projects. We are connecting and working closely with both customers and manufacturers to get their needs and demands matched. Based on operational and technical details investigated from the customers’ oil refineries, our manufacturers will develop innovative catalyst technologies for the customers to ensure cost-effective FCC products.
“Our FCC petroleum refining products overcome limiting factors affecting refinery capacity and operating flexibility to deliver value and performance. Catalysts are a crucial component in the processing of highly valued petrochemicals, gasoline, diesel and other fuels.” (BASF, 2015)