“Quality of products and services” and “Quality of commitment”.

Conifer Singapore Pte.Ltd. is a trading company specializing in petroleum products and petrochemicals

Conifer Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a trading company specializing in petroleum products and petrochemicals. Our head office is located in Singapore, serving Asian markets in general and Southeast Asia in particular.

Our target customers mainly are traders and factories in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam … which constitute a huge potential for our business. Getting support from local reliable partners who possess high experience and reputation in oil bunkering, chemicals and equipment trading activities in petroleum industry, we strongly believe that we would inherit and develop our strengths to build up our business as well as reputation.

Developing our business in Singapore market is one of our strategic perspectives. In order to generate sustainable businesses, we collaborate with leading manufactures and expand our business through becoming a reliable qualified supplier and distributor in Singapore and worldwide. With commercial and technical support from first class manufacturers, especially from Europe and USA – our sustainable source of supply – we commit to perform and deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Pursuing its penetration and consolidation strategy, Conifer Singapore are step by step building and enhancing a range of high quality products and services as well as a network of reliable customers, manufacturers and partners. We aim to utilize our local customer base together with global partner base to leverage our business across Asian markets. We would like to express our sincere thanks for your cooperation and support in order that we can grow up through time to time, thus creating more and more mutual benefits between us.

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Transparency in transactions
Trust in relationships
Improvement in processes
Integrity in actions